Jan-Feb '09 Match Roundup

Winter cup cancellations, rumors of spring cup cancellation - what is Taiwan football coming to!? Nevermind though, Compass are getting their share of action in central Taiwan. Match results from the past three matches held in January and February of '09:

4:0 win vs. Taichung Tubbies
Tight until the half and then the goals started coming. Both Compass and Tubbies were missing some key players, so game pace was on the slow side.

9:1 win vs. Taichung Scunners
Goals reigned down from the first clashes, but eased off after the half way point when Compass mixed it up to play out of position and allowed free-form substitutions. Scunners goal came into the last minutes of the match when Compass defense were taking too many liberties on the attack.

4:1 win vs. Taichung Tubbies
Tubbies were out meaning business - full roster of players and deep on the bench. Compass missing both starting central midfielders, although rich in strikers and defense.

Again, tight until the half at 0-0. Early on in the second half, Ben opened up the gates with a quick turn in traffic, shooting on the floor to the far post. Tubbies kept the pressure on until 3-0, and then eased before stacking their attack 15 minutes before the whistle. A counter-attack off a poor defensive clearance saw a couple of clean connections for the Tubbies only point. Tubbies kept the attack for the remaining time, looking dangerous at times, but unable to capitalize.