Match Report: 8-2 Win vs. Taichung Tubbies

Sunday, July 12, 2009
The top two Taichung Foreign Football Teams met once again resulting in a strong showing by Taichung Compass FC. With numbers down due to summer expat absentees, Compass felt reassured with a 4-0 lead by the 30 minute mark, completing 90 minutes with 8 points under their belt, making the final score 8-2.

The Frenchmen--no doubt hopped up on escargot, foie gras and croissants--were in particularly dominant form, with Benoit, Seb and Laurent each notching up 2 goals, and David (just back from France the night before) absolutely anchoring the mid-defensive line. Ben and Artem each also got nice single goals.

At the end of the match, Terry's son Josh asked, "Does Compass ever lose a game?" To which Laurent sagely responded, "Sure they do. Let me tell you about a time, I think, many years ago...."