Match Report Wins vs. Taipei Magpies and Feng Chia University

October 13, 2013

Hi Guys,

Today's 45-minute matches against the Taipei Magpies and Feng Chia University were jokingly referred to as 'training exercises' by some of you after what can only be described as a complete rout of our two opponents. At the very least, it was beautiful, slightly-hot day for football and a great opportunity for some of you to fatten up your goal tallies.

Tubbies played the Magpies before we did, ending with an inconclusive 0-0 tie. That certainly wasn't the case when Compass took to the pitch. At about 2:40 minutes Ricky put a long ground cross down the end line from the right to Ben, who put our first one in. At 12 minutes, Oto put one into the left corner. Four minutes later, he assisted on another pass down the end line to Ben, who got his second goal. At the 23rd minute, Oto got his second assist with a short pass to Mat for our fourth goal. In the 32nd minute, Cesar dribbled into the box, got knocked down in a crowd of defenders, but scrambled up, had a couple more touches and put the ball into the net. Our final goal came five minutes later, when Oto lofted a long, beautiful cross diagonally to a rushing Cesar, who neatly controlled the ball and put it in. Final result: Compass 6, Magpies 0. Tubbies Rob was obligated to come over and comment that Tubbies "wore out" the Magpies for us, after he and his boys watched us destroy the team they just drew with 0-0.

Compass rested a half while Tubbies took on Feng Chia University, beating them 3-0. Not taking anything for granted, Compass came out hard against FCU and scored one minute in with a goal by Oto. Five minutes later, Mat followed up with another one. During the afternoon, we saw first goals by two players this season with the first coming from midfielder Jose at the 10-minute mark, as he dribbled up the left side and into the center for a successful shot. Barely a minute went by when Ben decided to shoot a long, high lob from 25-30 yards out that went in. A couple minutes later, Oto scored again. One of the prettiest goals came in the 24th minute, when Ben put a cross to Cesar who launched himself into the air for a diving header.

By this time, most of our defenders were starting to surge up front, hoping for their own goals. This led to a handful of dangerous situations and Feng Chia capitalized on one in the 36th minute to get a breakaway goal on us--their only point of the afternoon. Compass quickly resumed scoring with Ivan's first goal of the season a minute later, followed by two more from Mat and one from Oto. Final result: Compass 10, Feng Chia 1.

In 90 minutes this afternoon, Compass had a total 16-1 score. Oto and Mat both had four goals apiece, followed by Ben and Cesar with three each, and Jose and Ivan with one each.

After this 'training exercise' I'm hoping more challenging matches. To date, confirmed games include:
Nov. 3 vs. Jhubei FC in Jhubei (Hsinchu), Central League match
Nov. 10 vs. Tubbies, Central League match
Dec. 7-8 Tainan Southern Cup Tournament

Again, good job today, guys!