Match Report 6-0 Win vs. Chung Hsing University

November 24, 2013

Hi Guys,

Our 6-0 finish over Chung Hsing University was a refreshing win after two back-to-back draws before today. Despite the score, CHU also turned out to be a decent side that offered Compass a good challenge and is definitely worth playing again (perhaps as soon as this next Sunday).

CHU came out with a decidedly international-looking team that included a skilled, tall center-defensive German player Chris (who I approached afterwards about going on "loan" to Compass). In the first half, both of our goals were legitimate PKs--one by Cesar at 3 minutes after a hand-ball in the box and the second by Oto in the 31st minute off a foul in the box. We had several other good opportunities that were simply unlucky to miss.

Ben got the second half off to a good start, breaking through to put a low shot into the left corner in the first minute. Three minutes later Chris got the goal of the match when he lobbed one in from about 25-30 yards out (no doubt he's still celebrating). In the 59th minute Oto scored his second goal, and Ben got his own goal No. 2 just seconds before the final whistle. Despite constant CHU pressure throughout the match and a few good opportunities on our goal, Compass played fairly good football, both defensively and offensively, that included a number of very nice individual and group efforts.

Incidentally, for your team-statistical information, Oto currently leads Compass in scoring this season with 14 goals, followed by Cesar (9), Ben (7) and Mat (5).

As noted above, there's a strong possibility we'll play CHU again this Sunday, as they requested it and I don't have any other strong options at this point before our Dec. 7-8 Tainan winter tournament. Please let me know what your status is for both this coming Sunday and the tournament, as I want to get an early idea of how we're looking for Tainan.