Match Report 3-1 Win vs. Thai Team

June 22, 2014

Hi Guys,

You always surprise me...and I'm not talking about the players who unexpectedly show up or don't show up. Just when I begin dreading a match, due to the heat, lack of players, tough competition, etc., etc., you fight your way through and get a great victory, like today's.

I had that sinking feeling before the match today but was pleased at our turn-out, helped by Nicky (back on loan from Tubbies) as well as Justin's brother Hunter and fellow Morrison teammates Steven and Andy, who added some much-needed youthful assistance and fitness. I completely neglected to mention this today, but the most significant addition today was Kurt, returning from a very long absence from Compass while he was living in Vietnam. In case you don't know, Kurt is a senior stakeholder in this team, playing with us way back in the 1990s, which makes him our most senior player right now. He sweetened his return today by handing out free Puma boots and playing a good match for us. Welcome back!

As usual, the Thais were good and pressured us and our net the entire game, although several of you felt that they weren't quite as good as before. Perhaps that was because they already played a 9-a-side in the morning and biked over in the extreme 30+ degree heat, haha. However, they also had the able assistance of Luis and Nat from the Tubbies. Also as usual, their speed-demon forwards made life exciting for us on multiple occasions. However, once again, our defense anchored by Dave and Justin in the middle, Eugene and Chris on the wings, and Minjae and Dimitri subbing in, proved its worth. And Gary was stellar in the net with great save after save.

At the 10-minute mark Nicky went down the center and made a small lob onto Cesar, who ran the ball into the net. Four minutes later, we were awarded a kick and Robert took a fake run at the ball, leaving Cesar to follow up from behind with a kick that went into the upper left corner--a beautiful set-piece. At the 24-minute mark, Cesar was taken down in the box and awarded a PK, which he took for a hat trick. However, three minutes later, the Thais scored their first on a break-away, leaving the half-time score at 3-1.

The see-sawing battle continued in the second half, but Compass was largely able to put matters to rest in the 56th minute when Robert once again lined up for a free kick and summoned Dave to move up and join the mix in the box. Dave obliged and promptly got a very nice header for his first Compass goal.

About 11 minutes from the end, the Thais did take a hard shot that Gary scooped out but acknowledged later as a goal, although the ref never called it (sorry, no goal-line technology here).

Once again, congratulations to Cesar on his hat trick and to all of you on playing a fine match under some very hot conditions against determined, skilled opponents. I'm looking forward to our next 7/6 match vs. Tubbies, but hope to first see you all at the America Day Celebration this coming Sunday.

Good job, Compass!