Match Report 4-0 Loss vs. Thai Team

July 20, 2014

Hi Guys,

Well, it had to end sooner or later, so it was almost appropriate that our first "post-season" match--after celebrating 35 consecutive undefeated games 2 weeks ago--was a loss for Compass.

Besides the fact that we played rather poorly against the Thais, a few other things were against us, starting with the fact that we were missing a huge chunk of our normal midfield and offensive lines. Then there was the terrible heat and only two subs (vs. plenty of Thai subs).

Anyhow, I'm not going to make too many excuses. The Thai team came out hot from the start and outran and outplayed Compass most of the match, holding possession, passing well around us and burning holes through our defense with fast drives. By contrast, we didn't pass accurately or consistently, kept giving the ball away, didn't talk and work together effectively and looked tired and slow. There was also far too much negative sniping at each other and arguing going on. As was commented by some of our guys, the Thais played the game that Compass usually prides itself in playing against other teams.

The Thais got their first goal off a shot from right at the top of our box 10 minutes in. Then they scored two back-to-back goals in the 19th and 20th minutes after outplaying our defense. The best comment I heard at the end of the first half was, "We look like Spain!"

Compass did rally a bit in the second half, pressured more and had some offensive chances that were just unlucky not to go in. Throughout the game, Robert, Cesar and new addition Marty all had nice shots that went a bit high. In the 64th minute, the Thais got one final goal. Compass had one last chance to score when it was awarded a PK in the last 10 minutes of the match but the Thai keeper was able to block Nicky's shot. Clearly, nothing was going to go our way today.

There was little debate afterwards that the Thais deserved their 4-0 whipping of Compass. However, we learn from our mistakes and move on, and I do believe a defeat now and then (like once every 35 matches) is good for a team.

I want to welcome Marty Mckinlay, our newest addition from England, who hopefully won't turn away from Compass in shock and horror after today's baptism of fire.

Turning to happier things, I am currently talking to Arnaud about our team party, which I hoping to hold this coming Saturday night. After he confirms with me, we'll let you all know...and hope to see you all there for a relaxing summer evening of food, drink and fun.