Central League 3-1 win vs. Jhubei FC

September 15, 2013

Hi Guys,

Today wasn't the easiest start to our Central League campaign, but a successful one. Jhubei FC showed up with what appeared to a mostly-new side with lots of subs and some skilled fresh players. In the meantime, Compass started with exactly 11 guys and no subs, until Michael and Laurent showed up and, in the second half, Jose and Mat joined us.

Before any further review of today's match, I want to welcome two more new players. Mat Broster, a new forward who just arrived from England (via a long journey through SE Asia) was a good presence on our front line today. Although he couldn't make it today, I also look forward to welcoming new American defender Will to share the pitch with us. Mat, Will and Grant are all a breath of new life in the team as we get into this league and look forward to upcoming tournaments and other competitions.

The first half of today's match saw Compass get some good opportunities but struggle a bit without many of its usual defenders or midfielders, although Arnaud and Chris ably filled the central-defensive role today. We did get some opportunities but Jhubei's keeper (another new guy) made great saves on at least a couple balls that were almost-certain goals. Finally, two minutes from half, Oto put in a close-in goal on a deflected ball.

Twelve minutes into the second half Cesar put in a solid goal off a nice assisting pass from Oto. At the 71-minute mark, however, Jhubei got the break on our defensive line and put in their first goal, making it a match again. Seven minutes from the final whistle, it was left up to Laurent to put the nail in Jhubei's coffin with an impressive long lob that caught the Jhubei keeper flat-footed.

There are no games scheduled for this coming Moon Festival holiday long weekend. Let me also remind everyone that this coming Wednesday-night football kick-off will be delayed to about 8:45 p.m. due to a Morrison varsity match the same night.

Our next game--although I need to reconfirm this--is Saturday, Sept. 28 night vs. Morrison Academy high school varsity (a very fit, motivated bunch of lads).

Once again, great job today, Compass!

Happy Moon Festival!