Match Report 8-1 Win vs. Thai Team

September 7, 2014

Hi Guys,

Today's match was a rather pleasant surprise for the whole team, I believe. Surprise No. 1 was getting not only a full Compass side (with no help from any Tubbies), but a good side, too. We were missing some key players but the unexpected arrivals of Dave, Ivan and Michael, as well as Caleb, were much appreciated. We also welcomed Cheng Da and Peter--two Chiayi players and friends of Chris and Caleb who apparently want to become a regular part of Compass. This meant that we were blessed with 3 substitutes, much needed in the very humid, hot weather.

As we were all still smarting from the ignominious 4-0 pounding that the Thais gave us last month, Surprise No. 2 came in the first two minutes of the match. In the first minute, Ivan received a nice pass (from who?) and scored a great goal. The second minute saw Ivan put a long cross onto Laurent who scored our second goal.

Our blossoming two-man Latin American partnership up front between Ivan and Michael was just getting started. In the 21st minute, Michael took a close-up shot that was deflected out by the Thai defense to Ivan, who scored his second goal. Nine minutes later, the Thais regained some momentum when one of their speedy forwards got in behind our defensive line and scored a nice goal. However, that was the only goal that our defensive line, excellently anchored by Paul and Dave, would let in. Not long after that, Michael scored his first goal, followed in the 38th minute by Ivan, who calmly and beautifully chipped the Thai keeper to get his hat trick.

Being down 5-1 at half time certainly was an unusual situation for Thais, who played hard and, often, very well but looked a bit more flustered, argued among themselves more than usual, and seemed to go down with injuries--real or imagined--more easily. They also picked up several yellow cards, including a second for one player about 5-10 minutes from the end that resulted in a red card.

In the second half, we had some great offensive build-up and unlucky attempts that didn't go in, leaving things scoreless until 81st minute when Michael picked up a long ball from Chris, went into the right side of the box with what could have been a great scoring opportunity, but then unselfishly fed the ball across the box to Said, who put in a strong close-up shot. This generosity was repaid a couple minutes later when Michael was able to get his second goal of the match. Just before the final whistle blew, Said also scored his second goal, leaving us with Surprise No. 3--an 8-1 victory over the Thais.

Everyone honestly played a great game today, from Travis, who was very solid in the net, to Joel, back after a long break from football but playing excellently on defense. Again, I'm also delighted with the chemistry that Michael and Ivan are showing up front.

This is all a big morale-booster for next weekend's tournament, and I was happy to hear that more of you can make it (and are willing to help drive). My only disappointment is that I won't personally be able to join you guys, although Paul and David will take over on-the-spot management over the weekend.

I'll send out a separate email with all tournament details later. Once again, a big well-done to all of your on today's victory! Let's bring home some silverware next Sunday!